Since 1984, GES Aviation has been developing and innovating aircraft components. All the years of research, testing and development come together in the ground-breaking GES[x]. The GES[x] is an advanced electric hybrid propulsion system (EHPS) for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and aircraft manufacturers.

Delivering the electric powertrain advantage™.

The GES[x] electric powertrain advantage™ will be the most fuel efficient engine ever to power a propeller driven aircraft, while delivering more torque than any internal combustion engine, resulting in:

25% better fuel burn
30% more torque

Advancing technologies for enhanced performance

While the GES[x] benchmarks technologies from automotive and marine industries, every material and aero feature and geometry is being perfected and evolved for the GES[x]. Technology highlights are:

  • High-pressure turbines feature new materials, cooling technologies and aerodynamics.
  • Heat dissipation materials yield major advance in heat transfer and cooling technologies.
  • High power density and low profile design results in twice the power density from a footprint that is 40% smaller.
  • Heat energy recovery system harnesses waste energy created under descent and from heat energy by transforming it into electrical energy.
  • Intuitive controller and telemetry employs high-density power electronics and mechanical packaging along with a unique water-glycol cooling architecture.
  • Super quiet efficient propeller featuring a multi-blade propeller that is smaller in diameter than a two-blade propeller and still pumps as much mass flow and is quieter because of the reduced tip speed at a given rpm.

Ready to go

The GES[x] will be built on proven architecture benchmarking design features that have matured in other applications. In addition, the electric powertrain advantage™ will also feature new technologies that are specifically designed to integrate with the mature technologies. Development highlights are:

  • Aerospace wind tunnel testing
  • Separate testing and maturation program for each new technology, including electronics, composites, cooling and mechanical components
  • Full suite of system components will be tested on a Berkut development aircraft in 2016
  • System components will be matured on a twin engine Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Part of the solution™

The GES[x] will bring the electric powertrain advantage™ to aircraft power. It will feature all the advantages with noise and emissions well below internal combustion engine standards.

The quietest general aviation engine6 db quieter than internal combustion engine
The lowest HC, Nox, CO, CO2, Soot and Lead emissions from a general aviation engine*Approximately 30% overall reduction
*Based on Swiss FOCA aircraft piston engines emissions report